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We are a New Jersey Certified Business.

We are a very responsible group of hard workers trying to do the best job we can at reasonably great prices. We are a small business trying to employ good ethics and high moral standards while growing, even it means a bit of slower growth. For us, reaching towards the lowest reasonable prices and fastest production for our consumers' happiness is the fun part of this hard work. We recognize that our employees determine the strength and durability of this company, driving us to strive for Employalty as well.



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We try to get the lowest price on the materials chosen by our customers to be able to give them our best price for a win-win situation. We also work with many granite, marble and quartz manufacturers to provide an extended portfolio of color and design choices. Also, on many days our shop is open past our office hours, creating the possibility of a more flexible scheduling for our clients. We are a New Jersey Certified Business. Find us on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Google accounts. You can also find us on HomeAdvisor.com and Houzz.com

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