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Coastal Granite & marble the premier destination for countertops and remodeling. We have all the products you’ll need for your project and showcase hundreds of style and design choices. Working on your kitchen, bath, laundry room, mudroom, home office, craft room or entertainment areas? All your selections can be made at our showroom!.

What are Granite, Marble & Quartz?

Let’s start with granite. It’s a natural stone composed of a variety of different materials, including quartz, mica and more. It comes in a variety of colors and every slab is unique because it’s mined, not manufactured. Marble, like granite, is a natural stone (limestone) and every slab is unique. In general, the coloration is more consistent with a more visible pattern than granite. Quartz counters aren’t technically pure natural stone. While most slabs are at least 92 percent quartz, the rest is made up pigment and the resin used to bind the crushed quartz together. That’s why quartz is usually referred to as engineered stone.


often the most affordable option. It’s also easiest to maintain and often more durable than marble and granite. But it doesn’t have the same high-end, natural look that marble and granite do.


MARBLE is marble, and if you’re set on the look of of marble, there’s no substitute. It might be a bit more expensive, but if you’re set on marble and it matches your kitchen or bathroom, it’s worth it for your countertop.


usually more expensive than quartz but less expensive than marble. It’s also more durable than marble. But the coloration might not be as consistent, and it can’t match the luxurious look of a marble slab.

Some FAQ

All three material options are known for their durability. Granite, marble and quartz can last up to 20 years or more with proper care. They’re also all heat-resistant.

Marble is the softest of all three materials, which means that it can be scratched or chipped the most easily. Granite is the second softest, making quartz the most resistant to lasting damage.
All three materials are “natural” in the sense that they’re stone. But only granite and marble qualify as “natural stone” because they don’t go through a manufacturing process - they’re mined as-is. Quartz is “engineered” because it’s crushed and mixed with pigment.To some, this difference doesn’t matter much. To others, “natural” is the main point of differentiation. They wouldn’t choose laminate floors over hardwood, so why would they choose engineered stone over natural stone?
Granite and marble are porous materials, which means that spilled liquids can potentially seep into the counter and stain it. Marble especially is more vulnerable to acidic liquids like wine and juice. Those pores can also potentially harbor hard-to-reach bacteria and germs. Quartz, on the other end, is non-porous. It doesn’t stain or harbor bacteria nearly as easily. That also makes it easier to clean. Though if you have children that play with markers, quartz might not be for you.
One of the major downsides of marble and granite: maintenance. Since both are porous, both need to be sealed at installation. They’ll also need to be resealed every one or two years. Because it isn’t porous, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed like this.

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Granite, marble or quartz? There’s no one “best” material. It depends on what your major concerns are.

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We Also Install Vanity Countertops, BBQ areas, Fireplaces, etc. Have and idea? Just ask!

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